Cocktails with the Stars: The Boys of Randy Blue

December 1, 2006

OK, so last night, I went to Mickey’s in West Hollywood, for Cocktails with the Stars. There, adult gay website RandyBlue.com was the featured “guest.” Randy brought along several of his models, all hunks in the traditional sense, and all straight. Or at least as straight as boys who will willingly suck each other’s cocks and get screwed in the butt for money can be, right? Anyway, I had two favorites, Chris Rockway and Alex Eden. Both were dark-haired and randy as all get-out.

Randy and the Boys!

While the boys claimed they were straight, there was a refreshing lack of machismo onstage and a total sense of sexual openness. They frequently kissed and groped each other’s privates with abadon, and there was no doubt in my mind that, given the right circumstances (in other words, a few beers, a hit of weed, hot straight porn playing on the TV and no chicks anywhere to be found), they would be totally down with “helping their buddy out.” In fact, when the woofy host, Cybersocket Editor-in-Chief Scott Boardman, pressed Rockway for details of which of his fellow “Blue boys” he would, er, “bend over” for, Rockway said that there was just something about Reese Rideout’s personality that he found to be particularly sexy. The look on his face when he said this made it clear that he was definitely open to a bit of experimentation. (I should know; it was the exact same look I saw on the faces of all the straight guys I seduced back in high school!)

Chris Goes Crazy!

Here are a few pics to enjoy. Hope this works. If so. I’ll be updating this blog a lot more often in the future.

Chris Dancing.

Scott Interviews Reese.

Reese Gets It from Behind!

Randy and the Boys Again.

Much love,
Hollywood Ken


Innaugural Post: Welcome to the SeXXX-Files

December 1, 2006

Me and my computer, where all the magic happens

Well, folks, I’ve finally gone and done it. I’ve launched a blog to track my adventures in this crazy business we call XXX-show. I’ve been involved in the gay porn business for the past several years–about five now–and have wracked up enough stories to keep all your grandkids entertained for years, but of course we know that most of these experiences and stories are simply not fit for any kids to hear. That’s why it’s called the ADULT business.

Anyway, in this blog, I will be attempting to talk about one of my favorite things in the whole wide world: sex. Or, more specifically, the sex that we in the gay porn industry like to film and produce. You’ll hear stories of visits to the sets of movies being filmed, you’ll read reviews of some of my favorite new porn flicks, you’ll be informed of hot new models turning up in video and on the Net, and I’ll even feature some of my favorite porn stars in the occasional Q&A.

I hope to update this blog as often as possible. It’ll be some work. Between all my other duties (associate editing at AVN Online, freelance work in the mainstream entertainment world, etc.), I may be pressed for time, but don’t you worry. If anything totally H-O-T is going on in the porn world, I’ll be on him–um, I mean, it.

So I hope you check back often, and tell your friends to drop on by as well. ‘Cuz we’re gonna have some fun!

Colt Spencer